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I met Melissa at the Historic Hotels of America Annual Conference. After speaking with her and receiving a strong recommendation from a fellow hotelier, I engaged S.M.R. for a comprehensive resort assessment. Through visiting our property and interacting with our team, Melissa uncovered several areas of opportunity. As a result, I asked S.M.R. to facilitate a Director of Sales "One on One" and "Building Exceptional Sales Team Training" session.  Melissa invested the time to understand our specific needs and customized the training to achieve maximum success.  The sales team responded positivity to her efforts and we have seen an immediate improvement in their capacity to control the sales process, utilize productivity tools and close business. The team is now re-energized and focused. If you want to inspire your sales team, call S.M.R., I highly recommend Melissa and her firm. 

                                Christopher Diego, Managing Director

                                Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

I was referred to Melissa Del Balzo by a major hotel brand representative. We have utilized S.M.R.'s services on a variety of projects including sales support on property and remote services during interim periods while recruiting for DOS positions; in the field sales training, sales blitz and pre-opening sales assistance. Melissa's team of seasoned and professional Sales Ambassadors not only produce results, the work ethic, effective communication, consistency in performance and representation overall are stellar. By far, S.M.R is one of HP Hotel's most valued strategic partners that we can count on. It is such pleasure to work with Melissa and look forward to partnering with her on new project opportunities on the horizon.

                                Wendy Miranda, Vice President Sales and Marketing

                                HP Hotels

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